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About Us:

We have one of the lowest staff turnover rates in the industry, so our advisors are responsible for their recommendations once they give them. 

Likewise, Lexon of England's team can handle any type of investment inquiry. 

The company's team consists of economists, analysts, investment strategists and other expert professionals who offer their clients an investment boutique consisting of different areas of resources in their class. 

Also, we provide expert services which can get your business off to a flying start or trim your business sails to the prevailing winds. We also provide other services which can complement your business. 

The people behind Lexon of England have helped shape the Lexon finance & investment industry and have been providing leading and innovative services to a global audience.

We understand that any business can provide a service but it’s the people behind the company that make the difference. We are focused to bringing you the best service at a price that’s affordable.

If you would like to get in touch with us today you can contact us or feel free to browse our website.

1250+ Clients

Experience in the industry since 1990's

High skilled servicing of capital

Rapid investment set up

Rapid debt solution

Rapid account setup

Rapid new company registration

Rapid business set up

Prestigious location

Expert team on standby

Free client support


Easy & Secure

Our team of experts provides an individual approach to every enquiry, as well as firm confidentiality to every request. What does this mean? It means that we are not the middleman, so our clients have the peace of mind that their enquiry will not nomadize from one middleman to another and prowl "at a loose end" across the internet.


We provide expert services which can get your funds off to a flying start.

Our experts value their time, instruments and experience, gained over the years. They don't waste their working time and your money's time on chitchat - these are expenses. They turn our clients' products into goods, goods into money and money into capital.

Online Help

Feel free to contact us in any question and at any time.

Our team research your request, pass you on to a specialst, who will contact you in short order.

Different Great Britain Pound (GBP) currency bills detail


We provide direct support to businesses through investment funds.


  • Investment management in international markets for wealthy families
  • Setting up a complete asset management infrastructure
  • Succession planning, including structuring family involvement in business management
  • Financial planning
  • Capital immigration/emigration
  • Tax support
  • Legal support


Why our customers value us?


Experience since 1990's

Our team have had a vast amount of experience since 1990's years combined industry experience in investment, m&a, capital immigration&emigration, borrowing services. The people behind Lexon of England are the industry; the industry which helps you as a customer keeps a wealthy calm lifestyle.


Business Opportunities

Our main privilege is to have an employee who has previously worked in a private banking house in Switzerland, serving clients with at least £1 billion in capital.


Сustomer Personality

Our customers have their own personality, we value their personality and keep it fully confidential; for which, in their turn, our customers firmly value us.

We create individual investment portfolios to help our customers meet their long-term investment goals and expand their succession.


Finance Services

Our experts provide their customers (individually, or your company) with everything they need to manage their finances. When it comes to servicing a business or setting up a company, our services are tailored to your business needs; they're simple and intuitive.

Why Choose Lexon of England?

Lexon of England offers its clients unrivalled support, providing service and expert advice when you're just starting out, or expanding, or have entered a difficult period. Our experts will help you navigate the tricky first few months of setting up your business and help you keep your finances under control. Plus, with our monthly loyalty rewards scheme, the longer you work with Lexon of England, the more money we'll give you back each month. 

In addition, our experts will automatically keep and renew your portfolio on the best possible terms and provide you with an updated plan, expressed through several options to your choice.

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