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Syndicated Loans

  • Syndicated lending is a financial product in which loan funds are provided to the borrower by a group of international banks.  ​
  • The flexibility of the structure allows this type of financing to be used for virtually any project and the needs of the borrower.
  • A syndicated loan allows a company to attract financing on the most favourable conditions and gives the client access to a wider range of potential investors.
  • A syndicated loan allows the borrower to combine the advantages of public financing with an individual approach to define the parameters of the loan.
  • Due to arrangement of the syndicated loan the borrower saves on costs as compared to necessity of several loans from different banks.
  • Lexon of England has UNLIMITED experience in syndicated lending around the world. The Company's professional team will structure the transaction, organise the group of lending banks, prepare all the necessary documentation and ensure that the loan funds are disbursed.

Enterprises Loans

  • Lexon of England has built up extensive experience of lending to the world's leading businesses. This enables financial institutions to tailor the needs of their corporate clients and offer them loan products that are optimal in terms of both maturity and interest rates.
  • Long-term investment loans, which can be used to acquire fixed assets, modernise and reconstruct production facilities, purchase or launch new business projects.
  • Short-term loans, which allow companies to manage their liquidity and replenish working capital.

Personal Loans

  • Lexon of England provides a private loan secured by government bonds, gold etc.
  • Our experts help you to get out of debt, restructure your debts, deal with growing debts, deal with unscrupulous creditors, etc.
  • Lexon of England offer a wide range of personal borrowing services. No matter whether you’re expanding your business or still in the process of getting set up, Lexon of England can help you plan for your future successes.
  • Lexon of England take security seriously. We will endeavor to keep your business safe from fraud and help your business stay digitally safe and confidentiality ​at all times.

Structuring Foreign Trade Transactions

  • Lexon of England specialists advise Clients on foreign trade activities and international settlements.
  • Lexon of England specialists optimize settlement schemes for foreign trade contracts, minimize costs and risks for Clients.
  • Lexon of England specialists thoroughly check the terms of their clients' contracts and assist in drafting the terms of contracts in accordance with the legislation of the country where the client operates.

Banking accompaniment (1)

  • Banking support is a set of services provided by Lexon of England to government customers and corporate clients to control the targeted use of funds under a contract.  
  • The main function of this service is to control the targeted use of funds allocated for the implementation of investment projects through a system of segregated (separate) bank accounts of all project participants.
  • The banking service enables to ensure informational transparency of investment projects at all levels of implementation as well as to prevent problems related to improper use of funds. 

Banking Accompaniment (2)

  • Depending on the goals and objectives set by the client, this service can be organised in one of the following ways:
  • With the use of the monitoring of the project participants' settlements at all levels of their interaction and further reporting to the client. With this method of support Lexon of England will inform the customer about cash flow of participants of the project which allows to carry out the subsequent control over calculations connected with its realisation
  • With the use of extended banking accompaniment providing control by the company of purposeful expenditure of funds of participants of construction with preliminary bank examination of justifying documents and the subsequent reporting to the customer.
  • In this case Lexon of England will provide preliminary control over intended use of funds as well as verification of compliance of payment documents with contractual and design documentation.

real estate fund                  

  • Integrated Service Offering.
    Our service offering allows to deliver operational excellence, improve transparency and align ourselves as a strategic partner for real estate funds, enabling our clients to focus on their investment strategies. Our services include:
  • Necessary support for property management oversight and joint venture oversight.
  • Customised portfolio management reviews, including variance analysis and property attribution.
  • Fund accounting, operations administration and financial statement preparation.
  • Investor servicing including investor transaction activity and reporting.

Risk management and planning

  • We will only recommend a financial product if it suits your investment objectives and we will always explain the specific risks of the instrument to you.
  • In order to determine your financial planning and to develop a strategy that will help you meet your life goals, we will go through several steps. These include creating a plan to achieve your goal, which covers all financial aspects of your life (estate, tax, succession plans, life insurance and pension policies), as well as assessing your risk tolerance to create a strategic asset allocation in the short and long term.
  • We are experts in structuring and servicing the intended investment objectives under various regulatory and legal frameworks. In addition to financial services, our experts also offer legal due diligence, liaise with regulators and provide professional support to our clients. Our clients can rely on our expertise in investment control, performance and risk management.
  • Our expertise enables us to provide clients with the professionalism, technical expertise and range of skills of the largest banking groups, while maintaining the flexibility and innovative spirit of smaller institutions.

Creation & project development

  • Your idea - Our approach. 
    Setting up a new business project can often be a daunting especially if you have never run a business before. Lexon of England are a team of experienced professionals who are on hand to help with the formation process.
  • Company registration (you describe your vision of territory you want cover - we offer the optimal registration location of the company) 
  • Account opening
  • Project development
  • Dedicated legal expertise for advice on project structure.
  • Close cooperation with regulatory authorities
  • Accountanting

  • Drafting a business plan
  • Design and creation of a logo
  • Design and creation of website, it-apps, etc.
  • Creation of company presentation, prospectuses, brochures and other legal documents etc.


Resolve any your issues with leading company in finance & business.


Serious Savings

Our main privilege is to have an employee who has previously worked in a private banking house in Switzerland, serving clients with at least £1 billion in capital. 

Our experts, using their experience and financial instruments, will help you realize the income.


Best Interest Rates

Our experts let you focus on running your idea & business. With a range of time saving tools and tips Lexon of England can back your ambition. By choosing our services, you can give your business and at the same time your identity complete protection. Our services are private and confidential, helping you to keep your data safe and secure at an affordable price.


Easy &Secure Process

Our team of experts provides an individual approach to every enquiry, as well as firm confidentiality to every request. What does this mean? It means that we are not the middleman, so our clients have the peace of mind that their enquiry will not nomadize from one middleman to another and prowl "at a loose end" across the internet.

MEET world financial & business Challeng

If you are facing any Financial problem then please contact us.
If you are interested in getting your ship on the right track, so it doesn't wobble or tilt, Lexon of England can help you achieve that goal.

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Resolve any your issues with leading company in finance & business


Lexon of England offers a wide range of business borrowing services. No matter whether you are expanding your business or are still in the process of getting set up, Lexon of England can help you plan for future successes.


If you're looking to expand your business abroad, Lexon of England can assist you. Our experts can help you enter overseas markets; whether you're importing or exporting, starting out or expanding further, they have the tools and services to help your business grow.


Lexon of England will help you set up a business account and, through the financial tools available, help reduce the risk of foreign exchange fluctuations and facilitate international payments, whether importing or exporting.


Lexon of England takes security seriously. We will endeavor hard to keep your business safe from fraud and help your business stay digitally secure at all times.


When you rely on Lexon of England to start your company, you'll be able to energise your ambition and bring your vision to life. From marvelous ideas to IPOs, our experts will be with you at every step of your way.